PatriotBead® Plywood Beadboard

PatriotBead® Plywood Beadboard represents the best value available in the market today for a premium plywood beadboard. 

PatriotBead® is available with a 2" on center V-Bead pattern, ideal for stain or paint grade applications. 

All the faces are smoothly sanded and completely free of wood patches. 

The reverse side of PatriotBead® has our patented uniform white RevolutionPly® face veneer for ease of handling and installation. 

PatriotBead® is perfect for all your plywood beadboard applications, including paneling, wainscoting, millwork, ceilings, cabinetry and crafts. 

NGBS Green Certified - PatriotBead® is certified for points toward ICC-700 National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS).

Benefits of PatriotBead® Plywood Beadboard

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