Sound Business Relationships

When you choose Patriot Timber, you will gain a business relationship that is as sound and solid as our products. We take the time to understand your business and your needs. Our dedicated team provides accurate and timely information in order for you to make the necessary decisions to grow your business. At Patriot Timber, our commitment to building sound business relationships means:

  • Consistent supply chain - We maintain inventory at multiple locations throughout North America.
  • Product experience - For 75 years, we have directly controlled the quality of our products from manufacturing to the final destination.
  • Environmentally sound - As part of our commitment to enhancing the health and diversity of the world's forests, we support participants/manufacturers of the World Wildlife Fund's Global Forest and Trade Network whose leading initiative is to eliminate illegal logging and drive improvements in forest management. We are chain-of-custody certified by Preferred by Nature under the Forest Stewardship Council® system. We look to build relationships with suppliers and customers whose business values promote responsible forestry.

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