Birch Plywood

What is Birch Plywood?

Birch plywood (betula spp.) is a hardwood plywood that is widely known for its panel strength, grain texture, durability, and ease of finishing.

Where are the sources of Birch Plywood?

Birch trees, which are deciduous, are the source of the plywood panels. They are fast-growing hardwoods totaling 30-50 species around the world. The life expectancy of most birch trees is 60-90 years, and on average, they attain a maximum height of less than 30 meters and a maximum diameter of 40 centimeters. Birch trees are monoecious and can readily colonize open terrain as well as woodland systems, making them a renewable resource. Birch plywood is manufactured in three primary source areas:

  1. North America
  2. Northern Europe
  3. Northern Asia

How is Birch Plywood constructed?

The panels are not made from one solid piece of wood, but rather multiple layers, or plies of veneer. The number of layers depends on the thickness of the panel, its intended application, and the manufacturer's specifications and processes. The two outermost layers are referred to as the face and back veneers, while the inner plies are referred to as core stock. Core stock is also produced from layers of veneer. During production, Poplar, Gum, Pine, or Aspen veneers are used for core stock. In certain areas of the world's production, Birch veneer is also used as core stock. The core veneers are glued together in many different configurations depending on the intended use of the panel and the manufacturer's specifications. Some examples of these configurations would be LVL (laminated veneer lumber), uni-directional, lumber core, and conventional Birch plywood. The veneer species of the core stock, along with the configuration, helps determine the strength and durability of the plywood panels.

What are the typical uses for Birch Plywood?

Uses include a variety of applications such as millwork, furniture production, structural/industrial applications, pattern making, plywood underlayment, form work, home improvement, and minor construction projects. Each panel is a versatile product that is readily available and competitively priced through distribution and retail channels.

What are the different types of Birch Plywood?

Sanded panels are available for cabinet, furniture, and millwork applications and rough panels for industrial/structural needs. The panels are available in varying face grades, glue lines, core constructions, sizes, and thicknesses. They can also be specified with a UV finish on either one side or two sides.

Where can I buy Birch Plywood?

Patriot Timber Products offers 4'x8' panels with 1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ thicknesses. Other sizes such as 5'x5', 5'x8', 4'x9', 3'x7', 8'x4' and thicknesses ranging from 1/8" - 1" are available in the marketplace. All of these are determined by the intended application of the panel, the source of the production, and the manufacturer's specifications. For more information on pricing and availability, please e-mail us at, or call us at 1-877-787-3759.

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