Lauan Plywood / Meranti Plywood

Patriot Timber Products has emerged as a leader in developing revolutionary alternatives that are better than Lauan / Meranti plywood. Our previous experience as a lauan plywood supplier has provided us with the knowledge to develop plywood alternatives from sustainable sources that are superior to Lauan (Luan) and Meranti plywood, and to offer unmatched technical support and customer service.

Lauan (Luan) / Meranti plywood have become generic terms in the building products industry when referring to imported tropical plywood. Lauan is used in many different applications including cabinet interiors and backs, furniture drawer bottoms and case backs, crafts, picture frame backs, architectural millwork, enclosed trailer walls and doors, flooring underlayment, and movie/theatre set construction.

Here at Patriot Timber, we have our eye on the future and that means searching for and developing sustainable alternatives to Lauan plywood and Meranti plywood.