Patriot Plywood Underlayment Comparison

Below you will find a comparison of our underlayment panels.

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Lifetime Warranty
Offered with a One Year Warranty*
No Tropical Species
NGBS Green Certified
Flooring Manufactuer Approved
TCNA Tested - Approved for Use Under
Ceramic Tile
Fastening Pattern Stenciled on the Face
Use for Non-Rated Commercial Flooring**
Use for Residential Flooring
Easy to Use - No Special Tools Required
Cross-Grain Construction for Strength
Available in 4' x 8' panels
Available in 4' x 4' panels
50 pieces per crate
100 pieces per crate

*Please contact your distributor for warranty coverage details. 
**Warranty does not extend to panels used in commerical applications where applicable building codes require an APA structural rated or substantially equivalent structural rated plywood panel.

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