Mannington®: RightPly ® Plywood Approval Letter

RightPly® Underlayment Panel August 2023

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RightPly® Underlayment Panel is approved for use with all Mannington® resilient sheet, LVT, hardwood and laminate flooring applications. RightPly® meets Mannington's underlayment requirements as outlined in our Professional Installation Guide.

RightPly® Underlayment Panel’s smooth face veneer, solid core construction and exterior glue bond are all attributes of a quality underlayment panel. We also approve your secondary request to make this claim in your marketing and advertising materials. Please note that with any underlayment or supplemental installation products, all recommendations for installation and all warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer and not with Mannington®. Mannington® assumes no responsibility for any and all warranty issues related to RightPly® Underlayment Panel.


Jason Hyson
Senior Installation R&D Specialist
Mannington Mills, Inc.
Salem, NJ