Congoleum®: Revolutionply ® Plywood Underlayment Approval Letter

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TO: Patriot Timber Products, Inc.
SUBJECT: Approval of RevolutionPly® Premium Underlayment
October 20, 2020

Congoleum Corporation has completed multiple compatibility tests with IronPly®, SurePly®, and RevolutionPly® Premium Underlayments, manufactured by Patriot Timber Products. We have found these products to be high quality plywood underlayment panels. IronPly®, SurePly®, and RevolutionPly® are fully compatible with and acceptable when used with all Congoleum resilient flooring products; they meet the underlayment requirements outlined in the Congoleum Professional Installation Guide. We authorize the use of the Congoleum® name in your marketing and advertising materials. The responsibility for offering all warranties and/or performance guarantees rests with the manufacturer(s) of the installation products used and not with Congoleum. Congoleum makes no recommendations for installation, but relies on the installation recommendations provided by Patriot Timber Products. Any and all warranty issues related to IronPly®, SurePly®, and RevolutionPly® Premium Underlayment are the responsibility of Patriot Timber Products and not Congoleum./p>


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Dan Gallagher
Installation Management
Congoleum Corp.