IVC US: SurePly ® Plywood Underlayment Approval Letter

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To: Patriot Timber Products
Date: September 26, 2016
Topic: SurePly® Premium Underlayment

Having tested your SurePly® underlayment for our residential line up of Fiberglass sheet good products and commercial Fiberglass Sheet good products, we have determined the underlayment performs excellent. We found no evidence of any faulty laminations or any excessive voids. In every test, we used your product excelled. Based on this testing IVC approves the use of this underlayment when installed according to the manufactures recommended installation specifications in conjunction with our installation specifications. We have no objections if you reference the IVC US name in your advertising.


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Gregory D. Hathaway
Flooring Technical Specialist
IVC US Inc. 101 IVC Drive Dalton GA 30721
United States

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